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Hall of Fame #12    [ Sunday 24 January on 21:00pm, EEST ]


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Total number of Golden Invasion Monsters per hour:
15x Golden Goblin: Box of Kundun +1 (Lorencia and Noria)
15x Golden Tikan: Box of Kundun +2 (Davias)
10x Golden Dragon: Box of Kundun +3 (Lorencia, Noria or Davias)
8x Golden Lizard: Box of Kundun +4 (Atlans)
5x Golden Tantalos: Box of Kundun +5 (Tarkan)
Total number of Bosses in Devil Square:
Devil Square 1: 1 x Cursed King
Devil Square 2: 2 x Cursed King
Devil Square 3: 3 x Cursed King
Devil Square 4: 4 x Cursed King
Rewards for Blood Castle Winners on every hour:
Blood Castle 1 (BC1): Box of Kundun+1
Blood Castle 2 (BC2): Box of Kundun+1
Blood Castle 3 (BC3): Box of Kundun+2
Blood Castle 4 (BC4): Box of Kundun+3
Blood Castle 5 (BC5): Box of Kundun+4
Blood Castle 6 (BC6): Box of Kundun+5
Rewards for Sky Event Winner on every 2 hours:
+20 credit ballance
+ 1x Excellent Item random opt. from Box of Kundun +4
Rewards from Sea Worm Winner on every 1 hours:
1x Random Excellent item opt:
Excellent Level 0-11, Luck, Add, 2 Max Excellent options and Skill
Location: Davias (coord: 113,9)
Respawn time: every 1 hour.
The drop of item is not guaranteed. Sometimes more players attending and attacking Worm can lead to bug and not get the reward item. This is a normally process by the game structure.
Lucky Mixes
Lucky Mixes is a special event who gives everybody double chance on +10 and +11.
Will be starting every night on 21:00 pm EST.
Ending on 21:30 pm EST.
Duration of event is 30 min.

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