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[NEWS]  Introducing a new feature
Hello, Friends,
HOT! today 24.01.2022 at 19:00h. PM EET

We have created a feature where you can recycle unnecessary Excellent items.
Upon reaching a certain number of recycled items you will be able to win one of the prizes that come with 2 Excellent options. (The awards are completely random.)
The system starts with Rings and Pendants, and more prize items will be added soon.

You can find the function in the Market > Warehouse

If you have any questions and recommendations we will be happy to answer.

• posted on: 24.01.2022

[NEWS]  New features
Hello, Friends,
New Features today 17.01.2022 at 20:00h. PM EET

  • More 19 new quests available now and waitings you!
  • HOT! - Love Charm This is the new special item that you will be able to store in your jewel bank on deposit. With it you will be able to open some of the special boxes that are presented on the site. The boxes contain various items. This item only drops from Golden Wheel (Tarkan) -
  • New Rule Added:
    11. All actions of helping/pumping characters with Elf Energy buffs in Sky Event and Blood Castle are forbidden! More info
  • New HoF Rule Added:
    17. If you have won 2 consecutive HoFs with the same hero, that hero must miss the next HoF! More info
  • Reward of Blood Castle (BC6) are changed to Box of Kundun +5
  • Added More 2 Golden Tantalos at Tarkan which giving Box of Kundun +5 (Total: 5 now)
  • Values of Exchange Stone and Exchange Rena are increased.

• posted on: 17.01.2022

[NEWS]  Latest upgrades

[NEWS]  Latest innovations

[NEWS]  Christmas week


[NEWS]  What`s new ?

[NEWS]  Server start
Hello, friends and fans of Mu Online!

  • We inform you that registrations are open now!
  • The game is available for Download now!
  • Date of start officialy: 21.11.2021 at 19:00h. PM EET
  • Server started officialy!
Follow our community here and also our Facebook page to get latest information!

Join Now and will start with free 300 add points and 10 mil. zen!

• posted on: 16.11.2021

[NEWS]  Welcome!

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